Sophomore year is an important year for college admissions.

10th Grade Checklist

  • Review your 10th grade class schedule with your counselor to make sure you are fulfilling all the needed requirements.
  • Maintain A’s and B’s in all subjects.
  • Apply for Summer Programs
  • Attend the District 1 College Fair in September at Pierce College
  • Take the PSAT in October, as it is mandatory for 10th graders
  • Sign up to have the “SAT Question of the Day” emailed to you to prep for the SAT
  • Read in your spare time (101 Books for the Collegebound Student) List available in the College Office or on the CollegeBoard website
  • Begin “My College Quick Start” on the CollegeBoard website.  If you took the PSAT, your PIN number is in the top right hand corner of your Score Report.
  • Make sure to attend the “9th & 10th Grade College Awareness Night” at Cleveland High School in February
  • If you have an interest in math or science, apply for  the CSUN Upward Bound Program that Cleveland High School is offering.
  • Sign up to take the AP Biology, AP Calculus or AP World History test in May, if you are taking those AP classes
  • Continue to participate in academic enrichment programs and special summer workshops and camps. (A Summer  Program List is in the College Office.)
  • Get involved in community service at your school, church, temple, etc.
  • Consider taking courses at your local community college through concurrent enrollment. See Ms. Drell in the College Office.


It is very important to keep all A’s and B’s this year. Colleges take grades earned during the Sophomore and Junior Year very seriously so its important you set yourself up for a good start. Taking Honors and AP classes will be beneficial if you’re applying to UC’s or competitive private colleges. It is especially important to strive for A’s in your A-G Courses, as they’re used when computing your UC and CSU GPA’s in Senior Year.

Clubs & Sports

Extracurricular activities are very important when applying to colleges. Cleveland High School offers dozens of sports opportunities for both boys and girls. You can find tryout dates at Not the most sporty person? Consider joining Academic Decathlon or Speech and Debate. In addition, our school has more than thirty clubs that are always accepting new members. From Art Club to Ukulele Club – there’s something for everyone.


In light of the school work and extracurricular activities, it may seem difficult to find time to volunteer. However, in just under two years,  you will be applying to college among thousands of other students. Think of what you enjoy and look for opportunities where you can give back while having fun yourself. If you’re interested in law, consider volunteering at a legal aid clinic. If you’re interested in medicine, volunteer at Northridge Medical Center or Providence Tarzana Medical Center. Cleveland has clubs dedicated to community service – like Adopt-A-School (Elementary Schools) and PandA (Animal Shelters) where volunteer opportunities come to you!


There are several ways to satisfy the Health requirement. You can take Health in your schedule before you graduate. You can take it at Cleveland during summer school or after school. You can take it through Opportunities for Learning or Options for Youth (these are independent study summer school programs and are free). You can take it at community college. We may even offer it in Saturday school.