GPA Calculations

Grading Scales- A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1  D is a passing grade

There have been many questions about all of the different GPAs we have at LAUSD, so we have decided to share.

LAUSD Official GPA– cumulative GPA of 20th and 40th week grades through 12th grade -20th week. AP classes are augmented .025 per semester, anbd a few Honors classes are weighted.

LAUSD Unweighted GPA- No weighting given to any Honors or AP  classes. This question is asked on the Common Application.

UC (Capped) GPA- This GPA is for your UC Applications. Some campuses will “cap” the number of AP classes at 8 per semester.

UC (Weighted) GPA-The UC Transcript shows a GPA at the bottom that weights all AP grades and some Honors grades. Classes

in which the student received a D or F, but has made up the class will show both the original and made up grade.

CSU GPA-AP and some Honors classes are weighted. Classes made up because of an original D or F- CSU only counts the grade in the class that was received aftee the D or F.

NCAA GPA-This GPA counts only the classes that are on the NCAA 48H approved list by the district. This list is in the process of being updated at the district level.

Financial Aid GPA- The GPA that is electronically sent from LAUSD District Offices to the California Student Aid Commission. Only 10th & 11th grades are included, no PE grades, no JROTC grades, etc.  Certain summer school grades are counted -summer after 10th grade and summer after 11th grade.

Graduates Financial Aid GPA-Post-Includes the 12th grade solid classes also. Given when a graduate comes back for a GPA.

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