Hello New Cavaliers!

In 9th grade, college can seem very far away, but time flies and senior year will be here before you know it. The grades you get in 9th grade, the activities you participate in, and the habits you build will, without a doubt, affect your standing in terms of college. Be sure to get involved early on and take advantage of the resources available.

9th Grade College Checklist:

  • Take a look at UC/CSU admission requirements to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Maintain A’s and B’s in all subjects.
  • Join a club or a sport that you are interested in.
  • Take the PSAT to prepare for the SAT.
  • Join California Scholarship Federation at the end of first semester.
  • Stay on the lookout for scholarship opportunities. Register for FastWeb which links you to hundreds of scholarships across the nation.
  • Create a personal college file. Keep copies of report cards, certificates and awards, lists of community activities, offices you held in organizations and jobs you held (volunteer or paid).
  • Over the summer, participate in a summer program or volunteer your time.
  • Begin visiting colleges and university with your family or friends. Be sure call the admissions office for brochures and information about campus tours


Although freshmen grades will not impact CSU or UC GPA’s, they will affect your overall high school GPA, which is used for many scholarships as well as private college applications. Colleges understand that 9th grade is a time of adjusting to college – if you do poorly, remember that you have the rest of your high school career to show improvement.

Extracurricular Activities

Colleges want to see that  you’re involved at school. Join a new club, try out for a sport, get involved! Joining a club in 9th grade and sticking to it for 4 years shows that you are a dedicated member. On our campus, there are so many organizations that you are bound to find at least one suited for your interests. To see a list of all clubs and organizations on our campus, click here.


In the midst of academic work and extracurricular activities, it may seem like there is absolutely no time for volunteering. But, having many volunteer hours shows colleges that you are passionate about a community issue and take initiative to solving it. A couple hours every week certainly adds up. If you begin volunteering in 9th grade (when courses are much less rigorous), you can accumulate a lot of experience throughout high school. Being very involved in the community can help you get scholarships and set you apart from other college applicants.


There are several ways to satisfy the Health requirement. You can take Health in your schedule before you graduate. You can take it at Cleveland during summer school or after school. You can take it through Opportunities for Learning or Options for Youth (these are independent study summer school programs and are free). You can take it at community college. We may even offer it in Saturday school.