What Tests Are There?

  • PSAT  9th , 10th and 11th graders should take the PSAT each year.  The more you practice taking the test, the better you will do. The District office usually pays for the 10th graders to take the test.  9th and 11th graders will pay, but there are fee waivers available for those on the lunch program.

  • SAT Reasoning Test – Juniors may take this test no earlier than January of their 11th grade year, and preferably in March. If you need test prep, you may use the summer months to take it.

  • SAT Subject Tests – As of  Class of 2012, the UCs will no longer require 2 Subject Tests for admission.  However, I would still take them, and send them to the colleges, especially if you perform well. Engineering will still require Math II and Physics, so if you are planning on majoring in Engineering I would take the tests.  Even colleges that do not require SAT Subject Tests will appreciate receiving tests with stellar scores. Students should take these tests, in May or June of the year of AP courses such as Calculus AB, Biology, Modern History, etc.

  • ACT Plus Writing is a test that is equally accepted as the SAT at colleges and universities. You must take the ACT Plus Writing, so it is equal to the SAT, as there is an essay component in both tests.