College Resource Handouts

The Career and College Office offers handouts valuable for both high school and college preparation, which will now be downloadable here! Click on a link to download the attached handout.


Ever wonder what colleges your favorite public figures have

attended? Check out this list of famous college

graduates. You might find a college that piques your interest!

Ever have a boring, homework-less night during the school year? Nothing to do when school’s out on break? What are you waiting for?! 101 great books, recommended for college-bound readers, are waiting to be read!

Curious to see if you’re on the path to graduation? LAUSD’s A-G Requirements must be satisfied by the end of senior year. Fill out this worksheet as you go through your years of high school to make sure you’re set to graduate!

If you plan on visiting a college fair sometime, it would be useful to have a list of questions ready for the college representatives there. This list of questions to ask at college fairs can help you decide whether a college is right for you or not!

Pierce College Classes are available at The Land again! All classes require potential students to attain a parent’s and counselor’s written permission before the first class meeting!

Applying early decision or early action to a certain school?  Teachers and counselors will write only a limited amount of E.D. and E.A. recommendation letters; the entire recommendation process is first come, first serve!  If you are unfamiliar on how to go about requesting a letter, read the Recommendation Process. Don’t leave requests for these letters to the last minute, or you risk not getting one at all!

With college application deadlines coming up, many seniors assume they’re doing all the right things in their applications. Don’t assume; be sure with the College Admissions Checklist! Whether you’re applying to a California community college, a private college, a UC, or CSU, the checklist gives you vital information for college admissions.

Have you finished your college search and are ready to begin applying for college? Carefully read the UC and Common App 2013 Application Essay Topics. The essay is one of the most important parts of the college application process; read the prompts ahead of time and give yourself enough time to perfect your essay!

Planning on applying to a UC? UC Santa Barbara has a helpful personal statement worksheet designed to guide students through the writing process of the personal statement.