What are AP classes?

AP classes are essentially college classes that have a test at the end of the term. These tests are graded from 1-5, with 5 being the top score. Most colleges will grant college credit for scores of  3, 4, or 5 . Some students take a large amount of AP classes, and may enter college with sophomore standing. You may only take the  AP exam at our school of AP classes that we offer. The only exception is for Spanish Language.

Should I take them?

If you received an A or a B in an Honors class, you should see your counselor, and ask about being enrolled in an AP class.

Can I take the AP Exam if I haven’t taken an AP course?

No. Students cannot take the AP test if they have not completed the AP course.

How do I sign up to take an AP Exam?

 To sign up for an AP exam, you must first fill out the AP Test Registration Form. If you are eligible for the Free/Reduced Lunch program, the first AP exam will be $15; any subsequent exam will be $5. Bring your registration form to the College Office, between 2/8/16 and 3/9/16, with your TOTAL payment in CASH or CHECK ONLY! There will be no refunds and, if you fail to show up for the exam, you will be charged an $8.00 fee.

If I don’t get a good score on an AP Exam, will it hurt my chances for college admission?

If you take an AP Exam as a senior, colleges will not receive your score before July–probably well after you have been admitted. If you choose to report AP scores from before your senior year, you will primarily be telling the colleges that you undertook a difficult course and that you are serious about your studies. Overall, nearly 60 percent of all AP test takers receive AP scores of at least 3. This score is regarded as an indicator of an ability to do successful work at most colleges.

How many times can I repeat an AP Exam?

You can take an AP Exam each time it is offered (AP Exams are offered once a year in May). Your score report will include your scores for all the AP Exams you have taken, including yearly “repeats” of the same subject exam. You have the option to withhold a score from a college or cancel the score altogether.

When are the exams given? How much time does it take to finish one?

Most of the exams take two to three hours to complete. For subjects that correspond to half-year college courses, the exam is closer to two hours in length. Your AP Coordinator should notify you of the exact exam starting time. You can also take a look at the current exam schedules for days and dates.

Will I lose points if I answer a multiple-choice question incorrectly?

Total scores on the multiple-choice section are based on the number of questions answered correctly. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers and no points are awarded for unanswered questions.