Cleveland High School College Office

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Come and visit the college office

Geni Cobb, College Counselor (9th and 10th Grade)

Phone: 818-885-2367


Sharon Drell, College Counselor (11th and 12th Grade)

Phone: 818-885-2360


Here, you can find any and all information you will need about college preparation, the application process, financial aid, and more. Find out the dates of important deadlines and what colleges are visiting The Land on the College Calendar

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Got Questions?

Shoot us a message on the contact page or drop by the College Office in H2. One of our many College Peer Counselors can help you.  At the office, you can

  • apply for SAT/ACT Fee Waivers
  • make a copy of your transcript
  • get info on the newest scholarships
  • register to become a student athlete with the NCAA
  • sign up for summer programs
  • learn more about your college options

Contact us.


Interested in playing college sports?

Register with the NCAA to become a student athlete!

  • must pick either Div I or Div II
  • must send an official transcript
  • must fill out NCAA registration packet avail. in College Office
  • paperwork and information available in the College Office
  • NCAA requirements are changing for Class of 2016
  • They now require 16 core courses
  • Computer Science does not count as a course

Register here to become a student athlete!

Having trouble finding colleges?

Don’t stress out if you don’t know where to go. Not every college is perfect for everyone. Explore the college newsletters or stop by the office to talk to a CPC. We can help you find the right college for you. Things to consider with schools:

  • Class Size
  • Urban/Rural/Suburban Area
  • Religious Preferences
  • Co-ed Enrollment
  • Majors
  • Extracurriculars & Sports
  • Financial Aid

Need more info? Check out the Fiske Guide for in-depth reviews of universities all across the US. Or take a look at the Princeton Review’s 377 Best Colleges.